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Robonote - Your team’s AI sidekick.

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One package. Custom solutions for every team.

Our multi-layered platform meets the specific needs of each department at one easy price.

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Robonote organizes the most relevant information and delivers it straight to the teams that need it.


Each team receives customized and filtered information to get department-specific insight.


Reach all the data with one tap

With useful metrics and alerts at your fingertips, you’re in complete control of all business operations.

Get a full report in seconds

Robonote recovers the key elements from every interaction, so you can review them at a glance.

Mistakes are history

Switch to Robonote’s AI-powered system, and eliminate the errors and oversights of human monitoring.

Any language at a glance

Translate every interaction with one swipe and remove all language barriers.

Propel your team forward

Robonote’s insights empower smart leadership and measured improvement at every level.

Look beyond the numbers

Leverage quality insights to uncover the truth about your organizational health and lead informed strategic decisions.

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Give better guidance

Directing employees and training new team members has never been easier or more effective.

Smart feedback made easy

Give comments based on specific data and show the team exactly where they need to improve.

Show off superstar stats

Make a positive example out of the best-performing team members using live data.

Powerboost Your Team

Customer Support

Learn from customer engagements

Robonote delivers the important insights straight to your team.

Perform better

Pinpoint the root of every problem and address customer pain points with real-time performance insights.

Customize your tone

With customer scores in hand, your entire team will know exactly how to speak to each customer and provide VIP service effortlessly.

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High-potential client.
Score: 4.4 

Green lady
Difficult client. Add a manager to help.
Yellow lady
VIP customer. Give him a great experience!
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Start Boosting Sales


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Take your performance to the next level

Use real-time data to identify the most effective campaigns. Your clients’ potential is no longer a mystery.

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Craft pitch-perfect communications

Identify which campaign attracted each customer, and use this insight to communicate with every customer based on their interests.

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Get insights from every campaign.
Enjoy detailed marketing overviews.
Minimize cost and maximize conversion.
Attract and nurture customers.
Understand customer needs.
Watch customers stay and profits soar.
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