Our Super AI Moderating Tools Bring Real Power To Brands

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Our Story

The Robonote story starts with decades of experience by countless CEOs managing hundreds of employees across countries and languages, struggling to stay in control of business operations.

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80% of all data in the world is unstructured.

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The data which is processed is frequently not being analyzed.

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Only a small fraction is being processed and monitored.

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Thousands of interactions with coworkers and clients go unnoticed per month.

Our Super AI Solution

Robonote uses AI technology to manage 100% of your customer communications quickly and efficiently and deliver easy-to-interpret results.

Our AI tech unlocks the hidden superpowers contained in raw unstructured data, giving organizations the tools to drive success.

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Empowering Smooth Business Operations

We aim to bring every manager across the globe the tools to stay in direct control of their business regardless of scale, number of employees, or operations across country borders and languages.

Towards Seamless Customer Interactions

Robonote gives brands the power to identify the source of every problem, fix it on the spot, and pinpoint the reasons behind every success.

Driving Measurable Success

Since inception, Robonote has driven countless companies toward measurable success. Reach out, request a demo, and see how Robonote can boost your business.

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